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Posted by on Jan 5, 2013 in News, Sports | 0 comments

A Syracuse Fan’s Guide to NFL Playoff Salvation – Commandment #1

A Syracuse Fan’s Guide to NFL Playoff Salvation – Commandment #1

pope-marronetBack in October, I wrote a post about the process involved in picking your second favorite NFL team, an arduous but necessary evil if you’re unfortunate enough to be a follower of several NFL teams like the Jets, of which I am a fan. Entitled “An Orange Fan’s Guide to Picking your Second Favorite NFL Team”, we went through the entire process including the top commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Covet They Neighbor’s Team”. If you didn’t read that post, don’t sweat it though. I’ll explain it in a little bit.

The NFL postseason has arrived. For the Syracuse alum who’s prayers were answered this regular season with an emphatic “You suck!” from the football Gods, (that’s you, Jets and Giants fans), it means that it’s time to once again choose a surrogate team in your quest for the holy grail, your crusade to Superbowl sanctity. Lucky for you, I’m an ordained minister of football. Just do what I tell you and salvation will be yours.

Step one is to make a complete accounting of SU players their respective teams making this year’s postseason tournament. Here they are, as listed on the Syracuse University sports website:

Baltimore Ravens:

DT Arthur Jones
LB Jameel McClain

Indianapolis Colts:

DE Dwight Freeney
RB Delone Carter

New England Patriots:

CB Will Allen,
SS Steve Gregory
DE Chandler Jones

Unfortunately, its a fairly short list this year. But then that’s okay because the 1st commandment of fan-dom (sited above) dictates that one can never, EVER, root for a division rival under any circumstances. New England would be the obvious choice if it were not for this very importantmtenet, making any Jet fan either a Ravens or Colts fan.

This commandment also requires that a Syracuse Orange alum root for the roster with the next greatest number of former Orange players. The problem is, both Baltimore and Indy have two SU alum each. Hell and damnation! What’s a Goodell-fearing, playbook-toting, SU fan supposed to do? This may be the greatest moral dilemma of our time?

And now that it appears that Marrone may be skipping to the NFL, I’m beginning to question everything I once held as true. Is there a God? And if so, can he (or she) move to Syracuse and take over an 8-5 team joining the ACC next year?

Can I have a witness?

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