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Posted by on Feb 16, 2012 in News, Sports | 0 comments

SU Lacrosse and the Living Bra – Gotta get this off of my chest…

SU Lacrosse and the Living Bra – Gotta get this off of my chest…

Here’s a couple of quick local sports notes from this week, including one that involves large breasts. It’s my Valentine’s Day gift to you. First, the part about Lacrosse since that would be the classier of the two. And we’re nothing if not classy here.

While the SU basketball team is very deserving of all the attention it’s getting as the #2 team in the country, and while Syracuse is steeped in football tradition, Lacrosse is king. You read that right. We are the predominant power in the sport, having won more NCAA titles than any other school. The 2012 season begins in less than a week.

Despite a young squad and many question marks across the field, Syracuse is ranked No. 8 by Lacrosse Magazine and No. 7 in the Inside Lacrosse Face-Off Yearbook preseason poll. The team also was picked to win the BIG EAST Conference. – The Juice Online

Those of us in the Charlotte area will get a rare treat on April 14th. We’ll get a chance to see the Orange in the ESPNU Warrior Classic. And best of all, we get the chance to beat the tar (heel) out of…RUTGERS. Is this great, or what? Yeah, North Carolina is in the tournament too. Gotta play somebody good.

So let’s get out there and represent!

Tickets go on sale today at or call (704)980-2999.

Now the part about breasts….

What’s the best Valentine’s Day gift you ever got? Recently, that question was posed to listeners of David Glenn’s ACC/Sports radio show here in the Charlotte NC area. One answer stood out for several reasons. There was an Elmira NY connection. And best of all, it involves mammalian protuberances. That’s breasts, to you and me.

An elderly gentlemen (apologies to him, as I’ve forgetten his name) had a great story about Bob Waterfield, a star athlete from Elmira NY. Football fans in the 40’s will remember him as the starting quarterback (and one of the first real stars of the NFL) for the Cleveland Rams. According to this gentlemen, back in the day Mr. Waterfield was married to none other than Jane Russell. For those of you uninitiated in the art of perusing the Sears catalog for glimpses of cleavage, Jane Russell was the original “Playtex Living Bra” spokeswoman, and the target of many a young boy’s attention. Betty Page had nothing on her (Google that one, youngin’).

Before the internet, the underwear section of the Sears catalog was the porn of the ’40’s. But I digress….

Apparently, when the Rams were in the process of moving from Cleveland, Waterfield (who was married to Russell at the time) convinced the entire franchise, players and all, to move to Los Angeles so that he could be closer to his wife. Back in the day, players didn’t get paid that much so this was no easy chore, to convince 40 some odd guys to pack their families and move west.

Not feelin’ that great about those flowers you bought her now, are you?

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