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Posted by on Feb 10, 2012 in News, Sports | 0 comments

Radio Notes from Tobacco Rd – Some Syracuse Talk

Radio Notes from Tobacco Rd – Some Syracuse Talk

Talk radio is different here below the Mason-Dixon line. Gone are the days of the insightful and informed listeners I used to hear on NY radio, replaced by un-listenable daily features like the “Whiner’s Line”, where low-rent, mouth-breathing, knuckle dragging, “fans” rant their way through expletive after expletive spewed in the direction of local teams or sports figures.

I will never understand why or how this passes for entertainment.

Despite their fondness for making this four-letter cacophony part of their daily programming, the local radio hosts and programs can still be worth listening to. Even if the callers are not particularly astute, the hosts are insightful or reasonable. Or both. And this week Syracuse has been a topic of discussion more often than usual, usual being almost never.

The day’s required listening includes The Drive w/ Marc James & Taylor Zarzour on WFNZ, a CBS affiliate out of Charlotte. James tends to play the loose cannon, often saying things without thought or provocation, Zarzour more measured in his statements. They rarely mention Syracuse basketball being on Tobacco Rd and all, but when they do it is rarely in positive terms. From this past Wednesday afternoon’s show….

Georgetown will beat Syracuse. WATCH. – Marc James, WFNZ

I emailed James after the game, just to tweak him a little bit. He seemed so sure. To his credit, “Marc with a C” was very gracious in his reply, admitting that Boeheim is indeed underrated. Lets give credit where credit is due. The game went into OT. James was nearly correct. Perhaps he knew of the recent rebounding margins and saw this coming. But I doubt it.

It may seem that I don’t like the guy but I actually do. He keeps things interesting.

WFNZ takes up my lunchtime drive as well, albeit significantly shorter, about 20 minutes. The lunchtime host is also the editor of ACC Journal, David Glenn. I find his coverage of the ACC (of which you know who will soon be within it’s conference borders) to be North Carolina heavy, which isn’t a bad thing.

Mr. Glenn is also an attorney and it is his opinion (as with many of us) that Syracuse and Pittsburgh were simply waiting for the shoe to drop on the WVU-Big East dispute. Nothing shocking there. It’s what followed that comment that got my attention.

Now we know the price is $20 million. I can tell you first hand that attorneys for the schools and the Big East are in discussions as we speak. – David Glenn

He seems so sure. Let’s hope he’s right.

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